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About PGI

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PGI CORP is a business consultancy company based in Dubai, UAE focusing on creating and developing global need based education programs that enhance student life skills and thereby contribute towards a better and safer society. PGI CORP is also an official member of COGNIA, which is recognized across over 85 countries and widely considered as a GOLD STANDARD for education accreditation and certification.

PGI CORP is managed by an extremely experienced Management team with a wealth of business consultancy experience in diversified fields including education.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a dynamic business consultancy focusing on providing pioneering and need based education solutions that positively contributes and nurtures socio-economic growth & sustenance in order to create better informed and balanced societies globally.

Our Mission

To strategically plan and merge customer needs, professional human resource & latest technology, to provide reliable 360 degrees education solutions and services that are scalable, affordable, reachable and beneficial.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Ethics
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Accountable
  • Balance
  • Lawful
  • Empower

Board of Directors

Mohamed Al Falasi – CEO

Majored in International Relations.
Over 20 years of experience
Key industries involved : Merchant Marine ; Higher Education.

Waleed Al Dossarry – CFO

Majored in Management Information Systems
Over 17 years of experience
Key Industries involved : Telecommunications, Financial Markets

Ranjit Kumar – COO

Majored in Strategic Marketing
Over 25 years of experience.
Key Industries involved : Education, Healthcare, Tourism, Wellness, Food.

  • About CSS
  • About Cognia

CSS Program

The Overall goals of these programs are to provide the youth with confidence in a range of skills & coping mechanisms necessary to effect a safe resolution to the increasing incidents of INTOLERANCE, VIOLENCE, AGGRESSION, BULLYING, TEENAGE ANXIETY, VICTIM FOCUSED CRIME, ABDUCTION...

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About Cognia

Cognia is a global network of enthusiastic educators to help you strengthen your schools. Our holistic approach to continuous improvement encompasses accreditation and certification, assessment, professional learning, and customized improvement services. Like you, we want all students to have the opportunities that knowledge brings.

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Quick Insights

  • 01/04/2022 10:30

EdTech - Improving student performance

  • 1. Personalized study pace - Gives student time for reviews, repeating topics and showing them improvement areas all at their own pace.
  • 2. Engagement through gamification - Learning with fun games on EdTech devices increases efficiency.
  • 3. Recording lessons and sharing - It is possible to record and share lessons in different formats at multiple locations.
  • 4. Multiple media connectivity - Connects to internet across media resources for definitions, examples, and reference.
  • 5. Preparation for digital future - Students are introduced to digital tools and attain proficiency as they learn.

  • 22/07/2020 12:30

A successful organisational culture is a two-way street!

A successful organizational culture relates to how well employees understand what the company’s vision, mission, values are, as well as, what the organizational goals are. However, these organizational goals must also align with the employees own personal individual goals. Unfortunately this is an aspect that is often overlooked by most companies. When a company expects an employee to complete tasks merely because “it is their duty” or because “they are getting paid” will decrease employee productivity and motivation that leads to overall inefficiency. A successful and progressive organizational culture is always a TWO-WAY street where employees believe that any company growth is directly connected to their own personal growth and professional development.

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